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Woodcrafts created in our wood shop in Colorado.  I like to let the color and character of the wood speak for itself as much as possible while protecting it at the same time.  Our specialties are Shaker, Arts and Crafts and historical recreations.  We also do Medieval, Renaissance, Steampunk and Art Deco.

Past Special Orders Laser Work Handmade Wine Chest
Laser Work
Our Price: $5.00
Handmade Wine Chest
Our Price: $17.00

Examples special orders. In all cases shipping is determined prior to finalizing the order. The terms for this type order is half down to begin work and the final payment when pictures of the completed item are posted. The length of time between placing a special order and receiving one depends upon the complexity of the order and the raw material on hand. Pictured is: A retirement chest for a US Navy Captain. This chest also highlights laser engraving that we now do in our shop. Next is an oak cross for an area church. The small cedar chest with brass corners and an eagle medallion is for the ashes of a loved one. It was $45. The keepsake chest in cherry and highly figured maple with black velvet lining was $145 plus shipping. We had a customer order 3 cedar memory chests for a friends children. These chests were $75 each. The last item you will note is a table top fountain. The picture is of it unfired or glazed. It was $75 to this point. If you have questions you can contact us at 719-646-2222.

Laser engraving Wine Bottle Chest
Handmade Don't Tread on Me Card Case Handmade Cake Dagger Custom Pet Urns
Handmade Alder Card Case
Our Price: $17.95
Handmade Cake Dagger
Our Price: $22.95
Custom Pet Urns
Our Price: $79.95
Handmade Card Case Wooden Cake Dagger Custom Pet Urns
Imagine – a toy that doesn’t plug into a computer or TV! Our vintage games will captivate as much as the latest video game. Kids of all ages love to compete and games made from domestic and exotic hardwoods allow them to do this in a style that is nearly unbreakable. Linked to having fun these games build imaginative, logical and mathematical thinking.  As with everything in our shop and on our site these items are made here in Colorado.  We do not subcontract to some corporation in China.